Sunday, January 10, 2016

How My New Love of Russian Accents Began and Other Things That Tend to Distract Me.

I am, hands down, one of the biggest movie fanatics I know.  Of course, I don't know everyone.  Yet, when it comes to movies, I love to watch them.  Mostly I enjoy comedies and thrillers, but I will watch just about any movie that looks interesting to me.  I'll even go and sit in the single seat if no one else wants to go.  No shame here.

And last year, a movie that did decently well was one I ran to with interest, even though I had to twist an arm to get hero hubby to go with me.  The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a movie based on a TV show of the same name that was popular in the 1960's.  I'll admit, I've only ever seen a few scenes from the TV show, but I LOVED the movie.
Most people talked up Henry Cavill, and he was excellent in both his acting and his hotness.  Alicia Vikander is a strong female character that brings humor and heat.  But, for whatever reason, it was Armie Hammer's character that appealed to me the most.  I loved his quiet strength in the movie and his character's persistence to honor his own value system.  Also, I like how his character grows and changes throughout the story.  And let's face it.  He's got it going on in the looks department.  Most of all though, I loooooved his Russian accent.  I loved it so much that I searched for multiple videos of him speaking with the accent and then moved onto others speaking with a Russian accent.

This sums me up so much.  My brain loves to latch onto ideas and obsess over them, searching out as many examples and as much information as I can.  Great if you have loads of time to devote to this, which I don't.  Horrible if you have deadlines to meet.  Truth is, I am easily distracted, and I mean...easily...hey, I wonder if there are any new videos of Armie talking in a Russian accent?  You get my point.

So, I'm working very hard not to get distracted this year.  I've got some lofty goals for The Mercy Series.  I've begun a short story from Zeke's point of view, and I plan to finish the short I started from Snap's point of view, which you can access here: Snap's Story.  I will also be putting a boxset out with exclusive material.  It's all in the works, peeps!

And of course, this is the year that the fourth and final book in The Mercy Series will release! Woo-hoo!

That means I must ignore the very attractive Russian accents and everything else that will pull me away from my definite goals.!

Happy Reading!

C. C.

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