Wednesday, June 24, 2015

END OF MERCY is Coming!!

For those of you who haven't seen the cover of the book, here it is!

End of Mercy is officially up for pre-order at Amazon.  The release date is July 14th, and I'm excited! My goal is to get it up for pre-order at the other retailers too, but that might be later this week. Anyway, here is a short excerpt from the book:

“Come in.”  The two words were short and impatient, and I didn’t have confidence she would be glad to see me again.  Regardless, he twisted the knob and stepped inside and I followed, dragging my feet the whole way.
It took me a minute to spot her by the large, picture window.  I hadn’t really noticed it last time I was here because curtains clearly covered it usually, but she had them pulled back currently and was sitting on the narrow ledge, staring down to the area below.  I didn’t know at what she might be looking, but that window faced the inner walls of the square the hospital formed.  Whatever was down there, was inside the facility.
She didn’t even turn around as she addressed us.  “So close to the endgame.  We can’t stop now.  Am I right?”
Ben didn’t acknowledge her rambling.  Instead, he gripped my arm again and said, “I found Charlie in the third floor test subject corridor.  She had a key…she knows who’s in there.”
            Dr. Drake’s breath released heavily and created a moisture cloud on the window in front of her.  I watched it fade as she explained, “It was bound to happen sometime.  Kind of surprised it took her so long.”

More to Come!

Happy Reading!

C. C.