Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Supernatural is My New Addiction

I wouldn't say I'm OCD.  Believe me, if you saw the mess that trails behind me, you'd agree that I'm possibly the long, lost fraternal twin of Charles Schultz's character Pigpen.  Sorry if that is TMI, but the point is, despite my messiness, I do get obsessive about some things.

For instance, I'm obsessing over finishing a paranormal romance right now.  Unfortunately, it's not Heart of Mercy, which is progressing, but not as quickly as I wanted.  Instead, I should have The Fae Next Door finished by the weekend.

Lately, I'm also obsessing over Sam and Dean Winchester and their perpetual fight against evil also.  I readily admit I don't watch a lot of TV lately.  You see, I've vowed to DVR all my shows and watch them when time allows, so that I can be a responsible, contributing member of my family (cough, cough...something about needing clean underwear...cough, cough).  As a result, I have been practically living under a rock the past few years, and though I'd heard of the show Supernatural, I thought my life would be whole without having watched it.  Poor, pitiful, ignorant me!  This show rocks it hard!

Now, I'm busy watching Netflix on the Ipad, catching myself up on the earlier seasons.  I've got two more episodes in season 3 (the writer strike season, so only 16 episodes), and it's getting more and more difficult to pretend I don't have to have the Ipad right at this moment when all I can think about is how Dean is going to keep from spending eternity in Hell, and doesn't everyone realize how hard it is to concentrate on anything else until I know the answer; I mean, come on already, how many Disney shows about talking dogs do you have to watch tonight, really?

::Deep breath::  Okay, so it's a tad obsession that I'll move on from eventually, but for now Supernatural is my new addiction.

Happy Reading and Writing (And Supernatural watching),

C. C.


  1. Aww...so the Winchester boys got to you, too. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I love that they have their "theme" music rocking some of the best classic rock. I love the way they title the episodes based on story line threads that weave through the show. I love the Impala, I LOVE Jensen Ackles. And you said you're coming up on Season 4- if you like Dean as much as I do, you're going to LOVE the episode titled "Yellow Fever." It's hilarious!

    I'm so glad this show didn't get cancelled like the had originally intended. Now I just got to play catch up on the new episodes- they moved it to Wednesday nights instead of Fridays, so we can't stay up to watch it when hubby has to get up at 3:30 for work the next day.

    For my novel I'm writing during NaNo, I've based the hero on Jared Padalecki who plays Sam. I already used Jensen for the model of one of my previous heroes. ;)


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