Sunday, November 18, 2012

When My Big Moment is Your Meh...

Overheard someone in a store the other day say, "So I said it right to the teacher's face."  But I couldn't help but wonder if the moment was as momentous to the teacher as to this person.  As a teacher, I couldn't help but wonder how many students felt they'd had a moment in my room that I wasn't even aware I was a part of.  I've had students say shocking things in my room, but I'm not easily shocked, so I can't say that too much has left that strong of an impact.

So when I tell you that lately I'm dealing with some heavy stuff, I know it won't impact your life very much at all, and I'm okay with that.  Just know, I'm still here, but life is a slog through a bog lately.  Please forgive me for not being as active lately.  I'm still writing and reading, but I've gone a little quiet lately as I consider a few life changes.

Thanks for understanding.

C. C. Marks

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