Saturday, October 5, 2013

Range of Mercy is Out! Finally, Thomas's Voice is Heard

Thomas speaks finally! And I loooove him!  He's a guy after my own heart.

"If you've read the tower scene in "Mercy" or Edge of Mercy, you get Charlie's side of the story, but with "Range of Mercy" you get to hear Thomas's viewpoint. This was so great to write because it satisfied so much of my own curiosity, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Here's the blurb:

Thomas's side of the story. 

Saving the world on a daily basis didn’t make you a hero. Thomas Morgan knew that much from experience. The hard decisions he was forced to make weren’t pretty and not all that heroic. He was the one who did whatever it took to maintain security. Each day he climbed into the guard tower and kept the microcosm that was the community safe from Draghoul, the once-human monsters that attacked every night. More importantly, he watched out for the vulnerable, especially Charlie and her sister Star. 

Charlie disguised herself as a boy, but Thomas knew the truth, and though she wasn’t aware and though it put them all in danger, he kept her secret from the others. Reality was harsh in this unmerciful world, and if Jonas Bannon ever figured out the truth, Charlie didn’t stand a chance against the schemes of the self-appointed leader. Doing the right thing didn’t make Thomas a hero. But it did keep him human, and it did put him in range of mercy. 

Around 9400 words and 30 pages.

Now, let me be honest. The lowest Amazon will let me set the price is .99 (which is too much for something so short).  However, Smashwords has it FREE, and it will be distributed FREE through all other places.  And once it shows up on those other channels, I'll work on a price-match campaign to get it perma-free at the 'Zon as well.

Also, once I get Zeke's story out, I'll bundle all three short stories and offer them for FREE. I'm having so much fun with this!

I hope you'll check out Thomas's story.  Click on your preferred link to download it to your e-reader today.

Happy Reading and Writing!

C. C.

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